This is my family.

I think they deserve the best  health benefits and good nutrition a garden can give you. Also that  extra financial freedom. This system can provide that.

A wall garden. This is an ideal spot for Lavender to freshen the air in a room and smells wonderful. This spot could also help you pay your cable bill!

​Each kit is custom built to your needs!

What ever article you find 
on the web I can double the per foot production.!!

My kits are for most plants but Lavender is the most profitable with value added products!  Small spaces or acres, your choice! These kits are custom made for any space. You may have a balcony or a plantation. I have developed an ideal growing system for Lavender!



The backyard or Small Space Health Garden And a Source of Income

Lavender for your pet care! 

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I have Ebook !

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